OK ! Threw the Hearts !!! :D – (Game Result)

OK ! Threw the Hearts !!! :D - (Game Result)

Now that was a hard work !!!! 😀
My eyes became like this : O_o

It supposed to be hand made by those colored pencils, but I didn’t like the results, the colors were so faded and didn’t like them (well beside of course my bad hand writing, hehe…), so I made it digitally also to add the popping-up effect. Hope you like it !

Ok, I wrote your names as written in your profiles, or as I used to know them, so every one will find her/his name in the heart of the chosen color, if you can’t find it, ask me :))

First, a biiiiig heart for all of you and for who missed the game or didn’t play it !! 🙁

Only three crazies chose BLACK !!!! so I made them glowing with a little white inside them, hehe, sorry guys !! :))

Hope I didn’t miss any one !!

OK ! pick up your heart !!! :)) ….. (Don’t they look delicious !!!! 😀 … )

Enjoy !!! 🙂

Here if you like to see it Large…

The Friendship Project

Sorry my friends I’m not feeling very well recently, so I’ll be away for a while, I’ll visit your streams soon as I can 🙂
…. And I’ll be thinking in new games, hehe !! 😀

See ya, bye !!

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