5 Online Games That Can Teach Kids How To Conserve the Planet

Today, almost more than before, people are more aware of the environment and ecological sustainability as if it were politics.

Many customer opinions on Collected.Reviews reveal different easy-to-go All-Green tips in a world that is almost ruining itself. However, with numerous ecological education available today, everyone is equipped with the right guide to save the planet.

However, education doesn’t have to be through the studying of books. Many games that inspire energy conservation that kids can also enjoy and learn from. They can learn about ecology and environmental sustainability. The future looks good with the kids in it. Through some of the games available, kids can teach themselves about ecology and encounter problems with their initiatives. Some of the games are:

1. Clim Way:

This is a game that could have you asking for the role of technology in battling climate change. With education and engagement, Clim Way explores the greenhouse gas problem in various ways. First, it reduces energy use in a 40% capacity. It also decreases greenhouse gas emissions in the 75% capacity. There is also an increase in the distribution of renewable energy at a 60% level. Through these features, a player is expected to achieve a greener world in 50 years. This game teaches an average child how to approach climate change.

2. Recycle City:

If you want to know how you can secure protection for the environment, you can start with e-waste. In the game, a player is meant to recycle one million laptops. This activity would save a huge chunk of energy spent in over 3000 American homes annually. The game acquaints children on the means to go about recycling. It teachers them how to make decisions that could help reduce waste, energy, and also save money in the process of recycling.

3. Windfall:

If you’d like to teach your kid about renewable wind energy, or about having a wind farm, this game can be very helpful. It is a game that offers insights into how the leading wind energy production came into being and is being maintained. It is a game that offers the future to a kid on a platter of gold, although it’s just a game. In the game, the kid sets up wind farms with skills he can learn from the game. With his design skills, he’ll set up the largest wind farms and be equipped with convertible skills into real-life activities.

4. Lifeboat to Mars:

This is a game that teaches children the history of the ecosystem and how biology could make different evolutionary changes into the universe. For instance, transforming a rock into a living globe isn’t something biology finds difficult. Thus, the game is to simulate the kids with different tasks. Some of the tasks are to have a ship with different microbes and plants which will be used to start an ecosystem, a ship the player will pilot. There are obstacles, but the game enhances the decision-making capacity of any child.

5. Mission Migration:

This is a game that relays human threat to birds. There are healthy and environmental choices for bird migration and this is what the game is all about. It offers means to properly migrate birds without harming the balance of the climate.

Through these games, kids can enhance their knowledge of nature.

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