6 Gaming Accessories for A Great Gaming Experience


The gaming industry in the UK is estimated to be worth over £3.8 billion with approximately 36 million users which accounts for about 50% of the UK’s population.

Nearly every single gamer looks forward to improving their gaming experience because otherwise, it would be lagging and boring.

In this article, I plan to share all the accessories and ways you can improve your gaming experience. let’s have a look.

1. Excellently performing PC

Even without looking at all other accessories and tools, ask yourself, is your PC in great performing condition?

Between buying a PC and building a PC, it is cheaper in the long term to build a PC rather than to buy a prebuilt machine.

When building a gaming PC take a considerable amount of time to pick out the parts that guarantee top performance.

The central processing unit is the most important part and for this, you want to choose a processor with excellent cores/threads.

Powerful graphic cards guarantee better performance. Your graphic cards should be compatible with your monitor’s resolution. 4K and 8k resolution require high-end cards.

Your motherboard of choice should be able to support the latest processors in order to boost performance.

When choosing cooling system liquid coolers are more efficient and have better performance because of the noise reduction compared to air coolers.

Older versions of gaming PC would support storage of less than 250 GB, but more modern gaming PCs demand up to 1TB is enough for a great user experience, but it should not be less than 500 GB.

For anybody looking to build their PC, I would recommend that to get the best out of your money read reviews from an independent review website like Britainreviews.co.uk about companies that sell gaming PC components or marketplaces.

Read to find out more about what other gamers think about their PC components choices or stores such as Stocksmustgo.

You must be satisfied that the shore you intend to purchase from has gathered enough positive reviews to give you a go-ahead. After all, what matters is value for money.

2. Good monitor

It’s been roughly five to ten years since curved monitors came into the gaming market. Their extreme prices have locked many gamers out of purchasing them.

Nonetheless, it is worth a look. Their curved shape reduces eye strains, the fast and smooth visuals make it easy to play games and sport your enemies and they are aesthetically pleasing.

Regardless the shape does not play a very huge role in terms of experience and even with a flat monitor you’re good to go.

Other features of a good monitor that matter is resolution size, refresh rate, response time, and image quality. Get the best features that are compatible with your PC components.

3. Gaming headset

The odds of enjoying playing video games whilst your family members are in the other room making noise is pretty low.

You need a gaming headset to minimise disturbances around you, communicate well with your playmates and get a crisp and clear sound quality from your game mates.

Headset fitness is also important because you don’t want something uncomfortable on your head or have uncomfortable earcups.

4. Gaming mouse

For a bad gaming experience try using lagging mice with low census and slow tracking speed. You will be in for a switch of hobbies.

When in the process of deciding which gaming mouse is the best for you, consider getting one with excellent sensors, good DPI, fast poll rate, excellent tracking speeds, wireless (to keep your desk minimal), and you may or may not opt for programmable buttons.

5. Mousepad

You may have the best gaming mouse there is, but when it is up against a worn-out desktop surface, you shall be back to square 1, poor experience.

A mouse pad limits mouse movement interruptions improving your gaming experience. On top of that, the mouse pad protects your mouse and your desk, and with a comfortable rest, your wrists will be protected too.

6. Others

None of the above will make you a top-notch professional gamer but for the least, you will get the best experience there is. Another thing that may interest you is choosing a good desk and chair.

Gaming is addictive and you may end up spending more than six hours a day in your gaming room. This is why you need to consider your health by choosing a comfortable chair and a flexible desk.

Make your gaming setup something to look forward to by incorporating a static gaming light, mechanical keyboards with backlight and anything that will make you enjoy gaming.

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