Are video games addictive?

More recent studies suggest that video games are addictive if a person plays them too much, and such addiction has destructive tendencies. For most gamers, parting from their favorite video games is very difficult but with the right amount of determination and discipline, it is possible.

However, despite the addictive nature of games, it doesn’t mean you should stay away from it completely. This is considering that it also has its own benefits that everybody should be interested in. As opposed to staying away from games because you could get addicted, you should instead, learn how to cope with video games addiction so that you won’t be a victim and if you are already a victim, you will be able to free yourself.


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Reduce the time spent playing video games

One of the ways to reduce the hold of something over your life is to cut back on the hours you spend on such a thing. If you play video games for, let’s say, 30 hours per week, you can take it slow and reduce the time you spend on it. For instance, you can aim to do 25 hours this week and 20 hours the next. This way, you will be more conscious each time you are playing the game and be willing to cut things short as soon as possible.

Be actively involved in all you do

One of the reasons people spend a lot of time playing video games is because it is a lot of fun and rewarding experience. Video games have interactive features that stoke your passion and polish your intelligence. But if you can apply the same passion to other things like your work, spending time with other people, catching up with your colleagues, you will find that you will enjoy these activities as much as you enjoy playing video games. In return, the urge to pick up the game console every time will be reduced. You will live life at the moment as you will have a life outside the screen.

Track the time you spend on video games

Another way to cope with video game addiction is to track the time you spend playing the game. It can be painful to do, but it is for your benefit. When you do so, think of other profitable things you could have done with your time and how you would have benefitted from it. The more you do this activity, the more you will stop shortchanging yourself by playing video games all through your week, and the better you will control your addiction.

Turn off the console

If you don’t trust yourself enough to pick the console, just go ahead and turn it off. By doing so, you will take conscious control of your life and go out to do something better with your time. You can also set a deadline every day and stick to it till the next day.

Take up new hobbies

Technology is meant to serve us, and not the other way round. If you are addicted to playing video games, that means you have a backward relationship with technology. It is not working for you and you need to drive a stake in the ground and take responsibility for how you use technology. You don’t have to play video games every spare moment you have, you can simply other things like learning a language, playing a musical instrument, etc.