Best Free Sports Game-FIFA 19

FIFA 19 is the 26th official installment in the most popular football simulation video game series FIFA. The games were released on September 28, 2018, for multiple platforms such as PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and of course Microsoft Windows. As with FIFA 18, Cristiano Ronaldo appears as the cover player of the daily edition.

The new title in the FIFA series came with a brand-new Kick Off mode, on-pitch improvements, engaging Ultimate Team, and the Champions League license that make it more addictive for all the football lovers. FIFA 19 is a complete football simulation game that delivers real-time game environment with all the real characters. The Pro Clubs and Career Mode remain stale and are in dire need of a refresh.

FIFA 19 – Kickoff Mode

FIFA 19 introduced a new kick off mode which is the impressive introduction to break the monotony that is often the bane of annualized licenses. Instead of playing dull, friendly matches in each kickoff game, players can now choose to jump into the cup final or play both a home and away legs in order to determine the winner. Beyond this, a new house rules options introduce a fun new content called Survival Mode that ejects a random player from the player’s team when they score a goal that builds some truly absurd gaming moments as both sides lose portions of their team. No Rules allows for a no-holds-barred grudge match without offside, while modes like Headers and Volleys Only inspire unique approaches to play. The mode also adds lots of pomp and circumstance to an underserviced mode that regularly gets plenty of actions from players playing with their friends, and EA is excited to inspire the drama.

Gamers can now associate accounts to their gamer-tag to track statistics of their head-to-head records against their friends that display statistics win ratios, where goals are being scored, and red cards. Kick off mode is all about banter and bragging rights, and FIFA 19 has really hit the nail on the head with this iteration.

Motion Technology

FIFA is an addictive football simulation and to make it more popular and feature-rich EA Sport always try to deliver new content. The enhancements made to the game’s real-player motion technology may not make for a snappy headline, but they do a difference through each game mode. Players will attack at the ball in realistic manners, minimalizing the robotic actions that can ruin the authenticity of the match.

Player jostling and crashes are now much more intuitive, and as the mud-flies and the pitch becomes determined with referee spray lines and divots it becomes very apparent that EA Sports has done an excellent job crafting a reliable environment. The game looks great, but it also feels more accurate to the real thing than any of its previous titles.

Time Finishing

The game introduces a new optional high-stakes game mechanic known as Timed Finishing that allows players to add a new layer of effort as they attempt a shot. Finishing a quick timed sequence will add vigor and aim to their difficulty but messing up the additional mechanic that will see the player fluff the shot. Its optional addition is probably aimed at series veterans that add a new layer of Meta game when it comes to when it’s worth taking that risk.

Alex Hunter is back

Alex Hunter is back in FIFA 19 to conclude his story in The Journey, and EA Sports’ story mode has a few new tricks up its sleeve such as players will now jump between playing as Alex Hunter, Kim, and Williams. Although many of the scenes dive into campy cliché land, the quality behind the scenes and the interwoven storyline itself are a breath of fresh air for the FIFA franchise. Players will make some tough selections as the UEFA Champions League offers a fitting climax to Alex’s story, and new inclusions including developing squad mentor relations and a cameo retro-game featuring Alex’s Grandfather make The Journey more exciting and enjoyable that is quite different from the rest of the modes.

FIFA 19 is more responsive on the pitch than last year, and EA Sports busy to evolve FUT in order to keep it fresh. However, the lack of development in Pro Clubs and Career Mode is sorely inadequate.

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