Eternal Palace Full Gear

At all times, all nations appreciated high quality weaponry. Epic equipment emphasizes the status of the wearer, perfectly protects in battle and nobly decorates its owner.

How to get such equipment?

Of course, epic equipment cannot be bought from a merchant in Elwynn forest, it must be conquered. And getting this booty is not the easiest thing you have done in life! First, you need to gather a large group of players, from 10 to 25 people, then you go to the raid. In the course of the raid passage, you must kill the raid boss. It is from him the parts of the epic equipment drops. To get all the equipment that drop out of the raid boss, you need 4-6 runs. This is called “get full gear”. In addition to equipment, you can get mounts, combat pets, jewelry and other. Also, you are given achievements and heroic statuses. And you get the pleasure of winning a difficult enemy as bonus.  By the way, you can buy full gear from bestboost team!


Read more about raids

Quite simply, you are going to a large group of 10 to 25 people and go to kill bosses. The higher the level of difficulty, the higher the item level of dropping gear from raid-boss. Its HP and some other parameters also vary by difficulty level. In total there are 3 of them:

  • normal (easy and boring)
  • heroic (for fans of decent complexity)
  • mythical (for real badasses)

For example, killing raid boss on normal difficulty, you will receive equipment with item level 415+, if you complete the raid on the difficulty of “heroic”, you will receive the heroic achievement, status and also get equipment with 430+ level. If you pass the raid on the mythical difficulty, you will receive the best status and equipment with item level 445+.

But much better to order gearing up from this guys!

Hell yeah, not all are nerds with dozens of hours of free time to beat the raids. You will spend a lot of time, not every attempt to kill the boss ends in luck. services are divided into:

  • full gear runs
  • bis gear runs

Full gear run means that you get all the items that dropped out of the boss. As it was already written above, it will take from 4 to 6 runs. Bis gear means that you make a list of the items you need, but this can take longer – from 4 to 10 attempts.

What type of service is more comfortable?

For saving your money, it is better to choose buy eternal full gear boost. Since it will require only 4-6 attempts, you will spend more time and money. However, if you are interested in certain items, they will meet your order.

Buying boost from bestboost, you get:

  • the best boosters that are professionals
  • they don’t use illegal methods
  • video recording or broadcast of the raid
  • 20-25 people in a group
  • very high quality of the completed word, they have over 100 positive reviews on

So, let’s repeat. Contact them, do not be nerd with the countless attempts to beat the boss, hoping of getting an epic items, team quickly wear up your character on top gear and you will be happy!

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