Finer Options for the Battle Royal Options

Finer Options for the Battle Royal Options

Computer and online games are an integral part of the everyday world of children and young people. The virtual worlds are very fascinating. At the same time, adults are often uncertain about the influence of virtual worlds on children and adolescents; but the game world is tremendously varied.

The True Essence of Computer Games

When it comes to the subject of computer games, we often focus on negative sides such as violent ego-shooters and the potential for addiction to gaming. This attitude is grounded, but it does not reflect the entire virtual world of games. On the contrary, the world of computer games is as varied as the game consumption characteristics. Therefore, parents and educators cannot form a legitimate opinion except by knowing what games are played, how often and for how long they are played. Infamy games with killers are, in any case, only part of the available games offer. For the Pixel Battle Royale unblocked 66 this is the perfect bit.

The Necessary

Nowadays it is necessary to distinguish between computer games and online games. The popularity of online games is growing more and more, in addition to regular computer games played on the computer or on the console. These games can be played over the internet and on smartphones, so almost anywhere. In particular, the so-called “browser games” are not bearing the age mark, which is why the qualified and pedagogical counseling on these environments is all the more important.

  • In particular, multiplayer online games exert a special attraction for players. The types of games are very varied and many adults are no longer able to follow them. This means that adults also need relevant information about computers and online games to get an impression of their children’s behavior. Legal protection of young people from exposure to the environment and youth protection systems together with technical filters that obstruct access to certain games are sources of help in this area. This does not represent sufficient protection and does not replace qualified pedagogical counseling in the field of child and adolescent environments.
  • It is normal that video games were first seen as a product of technological excellence. It is at the intersection of technological innovation, the toy industry, and the playful culture. It is at the same time a techno product, an artistic creation and a sport by its playful and social side. The video game has indeed become a cultural phenomenon in its own right.

At the time, the players almost all told me that they did not talk about their video game practice with non-players. A kind of shame was associated with playing. It has changed a lot. That said, the commercial scale of the tournaments, which today attracts thousands of spectators, is a reflection of the dazzling development of the video game world over the last 30 years.