Fun New Baby Shower Games For Your Party

If you are hosting a baby shower party then you will need to have baby shower games or activities prepared to entertain guests. But why limit yourself to the old measure mommy tummy game when there are so many new baby shower games out there to explore.

Does your guest list consists of a large amount of shower veterans? Then chances are they have played the traditional poopy diaper game a few times to many, and while these games are really fun to play, why not sprinkle one or two new games to keep things fresh and entertaining for them. You can come up with your own new game idea or browse around for some unique baby shower games online. A mixture of new and popular baby shower games will impress both seasoned and the not so seasoned shower guest.

Here are a couple of new baby shower games that you and guests may enjoy:

Baby Conception Game-

Everyone knows how babies are made but also know its not always easy making a baby. Let your guests race to conceive a baby and have some fun while they are at it. This game is hilarious to watch and is suitable for all types of guests, young and old.

You will need a roll of toilet paper and a plunger for each team.

The game is played by breaking up players into teams of 2. Give one team member a roll of toilet paper and the other person the plunger. Then advice them to place their item between their thighs just above their knees, with the stick of the plunger pointing in front. Have all the players with the plunger stand a good distance away from their team member with the toilet paper. On your word “go” the players with the plunger should race to the other person and try to get the plunger through the toilet paper.

If the plunger or tissue falls to the ground at any time during the game then that team is disqualified. They are also not allowed to hold onto each other at any time during the game. The first team that gets the plunger through the roll of paper, mimicking how a baby is conceived is the winner.

A game prize could be a gift certificate to a store or restaurant.

How much does your purse weigh-

If the mom-to-be prefers not to have everyone come and measure her tummy, put a bathroom scale in front of the room and have each lady come up and weigh her purse. The lady with the heaviest purse wins a prize and declare the weight of the purse as mommy’s weight at her last doctors appointment. I am sure she will get a good laugh out of this.

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