Getting Much Adena in Lineage 2

Buy Adena lineage 2 classic talking island and play this with many experiences with other players in the world. Various challenges are prepared by lineage 2 classic talking island Adena to make your playing experience more exciting. One of them is by strengthening your character so that you can become one of the strongest. But to achieve that, it costs a lot. But it’s not the diamond needed but Adena! Yes, Adena is the main currency in the game, which is arguably the most difficult to obtain, because the price is very expensive if purchased using diamond. For this reason, we will share tips for getting Adena easily every day without having to use a diamond!


Complete all quests!

So that you can get Adena in large numbers, quests become the most important thing in the game. Run all quests every day from the main quest, daily quest, to a weekly quest. Also, do not miss a number of quests that require special requirements such as scroll subquest or clan quest if your clan has reached a minimum of level 5.

Complete the Adena Dungeon Manual Every Day

When you complete the main quest in a certain chapter, you will have the opportunity to get Adena in large numbers at Adena Dungeon. If you want to get more Adena, it is strongly recommended that you do it manually even though you have opened the auto clear quest because you will not be able to enjoy Adena from the treasure chest if it has finished automatically.

Complete Achievement

You can also complete the achievement to get a number of Adena. Not only a personal achievement, but you can also complete the clan achievement with no small amount of Adena.

Selling Low-Grade Equipment

When you get low-grade equipment, A, down, you had better sell the equipment compared to enhance it because the experience given is too small. If you have a lot of equipment that can be easily obtained in the elite dungeon during Hot Time, you can get at least 2,000 Adena in 10 minutes! For a total of 30 minutes, you can get at least 6,000 Adena.

Use the Greeting Features of Clan Members

When you have joined the clan, frequently press the button greeting the clan member to get Adena. This method is the easiest because you will get 500 Adena every time you say hello or take a greeting. If your total clan members have reached 30 people, imagine how easy it is to search for Adena by pressing only two buttons.

Join the Dungeon Clan

Every week, your clan will get access to enter the dungeon clan. Ask for information from your clan leader to follow it so that you will also get Adena prizes and other items.

Do not miss Open Fortress Siege

Every week you can also join the Open Fortress Siege where you will be faced with 30 vs 30 but with different conditions from the usual Fortress Siege. You will use characters with maximum levels and can choose jobs at will. Do not hesitate to follow it because either losing or winning will get Adena in large quantities.

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