Lost Ark Skill Points Can Be Moved At Any Time

This Lost Ark guide will fill you in on things that the game doesn’t tell you upfront, or that you might miss in the blizzard of pop-ups that the game throws at you. This MMO has arrived in the United States after more than two years of development in Korea, which means that many of the features that Korean players were gradually introduced to are now available right away. That’s why the launch of lost ark gold can feel like an explosion at the submenu factory, with a slew of new systems and references to endgame content that won’t be visible until you reach level 50.

One significant change made in the Korean version, and which has been carried over into the western release, is the removal of class prologues. Originally, these solo introductions took players up to level 10 before allowing them to choose an advanced class and join the rest of the Prideholme community. However, these bespoke tutorials have been replaced by the current, shorter prologue that is shared by all classes.

So, you begin at level 10 with five attack abilities already programmed into your character, and you’re subjected to a perplexing slideshow summarizing events you may have missed, despite the fact that they are completely irrelevant to your quest for the arks you’re about to embark on.

That sort of thing can be found in abundance in the Lost Ark Gold store – aoeah.com/lost-ark-gold. Fortunately, a new system known as the Welcome Challenge has been included in the western release. It’s yet another menu, but this one gathers together lists of challenges that guide you through the fundamentals of the game. Examine it on a regular basis to see which quests you’ve completed and to collect the rewards, which include silver coins, HP potions, and other goodies. With the Welcome Challenge and the following tips, you should be all set to begin your journey.

While we’re on the subject of HP potions, we should point out that they should not be consumed just yet. When you’re hurt, instead of using bandages, use healing potions. Healers are the ones who heal a predetermined number of points over a period of time and are typically bound to F1. Instantaneously, the more valuable HP potions restore a percentage of your overall health to you. In other words, high-level HP potions will continue to be useful, whereas apprentice healing potions that restore 600 hit points will eventually become obsolete once your hit point total reaches the tens of thousands. Furthermore, HP potions can be used in raids, whereas healing potions cannot be used in them. Consequently, while you’re working your way up to level 50, only drink the red juice if the label says “healing potion,” and save the HP potions for when you reach the final stage of the game. It sure would be easier if the names of these two types of potions were a little more descriptive, wouldn’t it?

The interface of cheap lost ark gold, like the interfaces of most MMOs, takes up far more screen real estate than is necessary. While you can reduce the size of individual elements (goodbye, global chat), this still leaves things that you need to see taking up more space than they should on the screen.

If you have good vision, you can change the size of the HUD by going into the video settings and selecting the appropriate size. Bringing it down to 80% is a significant improvement over the previous 90%. The alt-X keyboard shortcut also hides UI elements. Press it once to turn off the minimap, quest log, and top menu, twice to turn off everything except the essentials like hot bars, health, and mana, and three times to turn off everything at the same time. Unfortunately, as soon as you exit a dialogue, everything will be restored. Finally, the overlay map that appears when you press the tab key can be shifted to the side by simply middle-clicking and dragging it to the desired location.

Each time you level up, you receive skill points that you can use to distribute among your abilities. In games where skill points are limited, it may be tempting to hold onto them until you’ve decided on a build. However, in Lost Ark, skill points can be moved at any time for no additional cost. Activate the skill menu by pressing K, then click the plus and minus signs next to each skill to add or subtract points. The effectiveness of skill increases with each point earned. At the four-point, twenty-point, and forty-point levels, you can unlock “tripod” options for each skill. These modify or add elemental damage, as well as add effects such as knockdown or push, increase range, and otherwise change the nature of skills. While you’re at it, pay attention to the Attack Types of the skills you use. Some have a greater effect when used from the front or back, while others are more effective when used to counter boss attacks, and so on.

If you decide that you don’t like your appearance or your name, that will be more difficult to change than your abilities. The Appearance Customization Ticket and the Character Name Change Ticket are premium items that can be purchased for 800 and 1,500 royal crystals, respectively, in the game’s online store. Make sure you’re certain before donning clown makeup and adopting a meme moniker.

The quests you complete on your way to level 50 aren’t particularly memorable, and neither is the dialogue with the quest givers. If you want to get through the guff, you’ll be pressing G line by line as characters direct you where you should go to kill some bandits, find a monolith, or whatever else. You aren’t alone if you find yourself sighing as you tap your way through another conversation with a villager. The combat, setpieces like the castle siege, later dungeons, and the endgame make it worthwhile.

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