Miller Lite Custom Bike-3 Image HDR

Miller Lite Custom Bike-3 Image HDR

This past weekend, a buddy invited me to spend the weekend with him in Milwaukee. In addition to taking in a couple Brewer games, we also visited the Miller-Coors Brewery. Just inside the doors flanked on each side are custom build motorcycles. This one is the Miller Lite bike.

The details are pretty amazing: One cylinder head is engraved with Tastes Great, the other Less Filling; The ‘rims’ are custom made 3-spoke works of art with each ‘spoke’ being a beer bottle; and the Leather tooling on the saddle are only a few of the features that make this bike one of a kind.

This image is created from 3-handheld bracketted images and merged in PS5 HDR. Then it was further enhanced using Topaz filters.

It was a really tough, tight, busy shot, but I like the bike so much, I had to try to focus the attention on it and away from the background clutter. I hope you like!

Posted by Gary.Lamprecht on 2012-04-24 17:07:37

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