Reasons Why Having Rules are Important When Playing Games

Playing games is normal. It is one of the ways humans catch fun and engage themselves, especially in extracurricular activities.

However, games are characterized by two main things – a good winner and an even better loser. When a person loses or wins a game, how well he takes it is determined by how well he or she followed the rules of the game.

For the purpose of emphasis, rules are a set of laid down guidelines and regulations put in place to ensure the monitoring of interactions between people. Rules are set for countries, organizations, and persons. When it comes to games, the rules set have to be accepted by the persons involved in the game.


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The essence of rules in a game is to keep the peace of every game. This is the reason footballers don’t end up throwing punches at each other after a game of football. Win or lose, there’s the realization that it is just a game, so everyone moves on quickly.

Some people may not want to follow rules generally because they don’t want to feel controlled. However, control is what puts you in check, and this is what rules do, they have a way of bringing order into the picture.

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Here are some of the reasons having rules are important when playing games:


Whether professional or informal, games must have rules because these set of rules will determine how the winner or loser of the game wins or loses the game.

To avoid cheating

Nobody likes to be cheated, and most people can take things personally and cheating is something some people can’t seem to handle. If you don’t want people to cheat during games, then you must have a laid down set of rules.


At the start of the game, everyone needs to have the same mind towards the game. The laid down rules help put this in place. This means that everyone knows the consequences of their actions.

Bottom Line

Rules also help in making the game fun, hence making it more enjoyable. It doesn’t matter how the rules come about, rules are rules. You could make them up, or the game may have come with its set of rules. Whichever way they have come about, the most important thing is that the rules are followed judiciously. Mind you, there might be a problem if everyone doesn’t agree with the set of rules. So, before the game starts, everyone must be aware of the rules and agree to them.

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