Setting up the Perfect Console Gaming Area

Console Gaming Area

When it comes to creating the perfect gaming zone, whether that’s in the lounge, at your desk or in your bedroom, there are certain things you need to make sure you do.

First of all, make sure you’ve got a working console, and if you don’t, get down to the right store (, and get the console your gaming space deserves.

Pick the Right Chair

You know what the most important thing is, once you’ve got the games, console and everything else you could possibly want? The right chair. Gaming chairs are an industry by themselves, ranging from simple, comfy, back-supporting options, all the way up to vibrating ones, with in-built speakers.

At the end of the day, if you want to go overboard, and buy an amazing chair, go for it. It’d probably be awesome with VR, to be honest. At the very minimum though, you need a chair you’re going to be comfortable to sit stationary in for hours on end. That doesn’t have to be that expensive.

Monitor, TV, VR, Projector?

When it comes to the right viewing system, you’ve got a lot of options nowadays. From simple monitor set-ups, ideal if you’re doing a lot of gaming at your desk, to cheaper high-resolution televisions, perfect for true, lounging gaming, all the way over to projectors. Imagine doing some split-screen with a big projector!

Then you’ve got all the VR options coming out. Not great for sharing, but pretty amazing for solo gaming. Choose wisely!

Set the Console up Right

Don’t set it up a certain way because it looks cool (like balanced on its side). Set it up the way it’s meant to be set up, and it’ll last much longer and function better. Plus setting it up wrong could end up destroying your disks.

If you do end up with a broken console, take it to the professionals at a quality Konzolok Szervize, they’ll have it up and run in no time at all.

Keep It Running Smooth

Things like cooling pads and fans can be super useful when it comes to keeping your console cool and free from overheating. Plus, you can get it maintained, or even have better fan cooling systems installed at a great That’ll keep it running nicely.

Make sure you’re not overly filling the onboard storage either. If there’s too much media on there, you’ll slow it down and end up crashing the console. Delete some stuff or buy more storage!

Annoying Daylight!

One of the biggest problems threatening gamers today is that old enemy, sunlight. Sun glare on your TV screen ruins dark video games, and sometimes, horror or atmospheric games simply won’t let you turn the brightness up high enough to cope. If you’ve got a projector you can just forget using it in the daytime.

Unless you go with the right curtains! Getting black-out curtains can be the best way to make sure you always enjoy the best possible gaming experience, regardless of how bright it is outside.

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