Test Your Soccer Skills Today

As a fan of soccer, it would be a delight to be able to watch a match in which your favorite soccer player wins big. It would be joyfully fantastic to see your favorite club win annual tournament, coming out as the titleholder for this season. And as a fan of soccer, it might be a dream come true to be able to handle and gather all your favorite players in a single squad and see it killing every game they enter. Do you know what would be even more exciting? To be able to do it all from the comfort of your own couch at home. You might think that this concept is too luxurious to be true. But it is all that is offered by EA Sports FIFA, a video game designed by those passionate about soccer for those whose dream is to be able to manage a squad of their own, composed of characters (based on real-world players, mind you) they have favored for all this time. The video game is practically a combo that becomes a hit for everyone. If you love soccer and wish to be able to experience the professional soccer world, this game is for you. If you are not that fond of soccer but keen on giving your management skills a medium to develop, this will work too.

All the Fun in a Video Game

The game has been around for some time. You might have heard of it once at least. But it is okay if you haven’t—especially when the video game is not something you dabble in from time to time. For what it’s worth, now you know. You can find the video game, give it around, and decide whether to invest in it later on. The point is you need to try the video game at least once. So, what is so good about this video game that it has been named the most popular among soccer fans? First thing first, the game is officially backed by FIFA, the world association under which all teams, clubs, and leagues of the world are organized. Further, all those teams, clubs, and leagues also back the video game, giving it license to use everything related to them (names, likenesses, and such) so that it may feel like you are dealing with the real stuff in the real world. You might feel like you are a true soccer manager playing the video game, which is what you are after, right? In-game wise, the gameplay is fun—the game is divided into several modes you can choose to engage in. And among these modes is the FIFA Ultimate Team, which is all about building your own dream team, which in turn can be included on tournaments playing against another squad’s other have built. Within this mode, you can go through Squad Building Challenges, after which you can obtain interesting rewards. Tournaments are held on a weekly basis; completing tournaments will earn your qualifications to enter the FUT Champions Weekend League. A Transfer Market is made available to accommodate the purchase and sale of characters as well as items. The FUT store is available for you to purchase items from—which also offers characters to buy. Are you constantly on the go? Not to worry; both the official website for the video game and the companion apps designed for it can be used while you are far away from your console. You can use these either to get onto the transfer market or apply some tweaks to your teams without you having to access the game itself at all. Playing the game helps with your managerial skills as well. You can learn all the basics to soccer games to build a better squad. A strong soccer team can only materialize from strong managerial skills.

FIFA Coins as the only Currency that Matters

But all of this is not that helpful to discover if you have not mastered the art of using FIFA coins—the game’s only currency. You can dump as much money as you like on the game, but it will not do much if you do not have the coins. Characters and items can only be bought using these coins, mind you. So, is there any special sacrifice you need to offer to earn yourself some of these precious coins? Nah, you only need to go through some simple methods to get some. The mode presents some matches for gamers to complete. Following the completion of each of these matches, you can receive rewards containing coins to collect. You can also sell items or characters on the Market, provided that you have conducted the transaction at a fair price, that is. There is also that previously mentioned Squad Building Challenges. Complete those challenges and collect the coins. However, make sure that your complete challenges that include coins as part of their reward packages otherwise your mission will not be accomplished. Alternatively, you can go on a licensed FIFA coins store and use your real money to get some coins. Yeah, this will make the game sound like it’s pay-to-win. But, hey, all is fair in the name if investment. If you have the resource, then, by all means, use it all to your advantage. However, you should read this carefully. If you choose to go this route, you need to make sure that the store is officially authorized by the developer. Purchasing coins from unofficial sources mean you break the law as you will be doing it illegally. You should check with the official website for a list of authorized resellers and stick to it. The worst thing that can happen if you violate the rule would be your account being banned forever. And there sure is no single nightmare more terrifying than this for you, is there? Permanent ban, however, is only granted when you break the rule for a couple of times. So, make sure you shut down any relationship with illegal third parties once you receive your first warning lest you risk losing it all in the process of trying to get by easily.

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