The Best FPS for Gaming

In the history of playing games, fps games are the most popular. If you will see gamers argue, it is usually about graphics and framerates. In this article, we will not do any other thing than to educate us more about it. Fps varies based on several factors, which are the capabilities of the hardware, the graphics settings, game optimization, and the resolution. Aside from all the listed features, do not forget that individual opinions also matter in a lot of ways. Without wasting so much time, let us go straight into our topic of discussion.

FPS Games

What is fps?

Fps means frames per second. It represents the number of images the GPU can render per second and how many is displayed on your monitor each second.

Fps brackets

Despite that the human eye is highly advanced, it still could not differentiate a couple of frames. Because the eyes could not distinguish the way it separates itself, here is how framerates are separated.

30fps: this is the frames that are targeted by the performances of the consoles on weak pcs. In these kinds of situations, stuttering is only noticeable at fewer than 20fps.

60fps: most gaming pcs has a target goal of 60fps. All consoles know that it is only games that are less in demand or better optimized is capable of using 60fps.

120 fps: this is a higher fashion of consoles; it can only display on monitors that have not less than 120-165 Hz, else no console can post it.

240fps: this fps can only be managed by monitors that have 240 Hz.

There is no doubt that if the higher time frames are high, it makes it difficult for human eyes to see. For example, every eye can easily see 60fps and 30fps, unlike 120 fps and 240fps that is more advanced than the human eyes.

The best fps for gaming

At this stage, we have arrived at a question that is not easy to answer. But we will try as much as possible to come up with clarity for better understanding. The relevance of each of the fps is what will give a natural answer to our questions.

30fps: the only thing good about 30fps is that it is manageable to single players looking for a moderate cinematic experience.

60fps: this frame rate is like an average frame for average gamers. It helps to make an excellent display of game animations, particularly on mobile devices; pcs are also not left out.

120fps: there is no doubt that this fps is better and more responsive than 60fps. It is capable of providing valuable edge to competitive gamers.

240fps: as the level keeps increasing, the quality of display becomes more quality.


One thing that will determine the frame rate you will go for is the capabilities of your computer. It is left to you to decide whether you prefer performance over quality visuals. If you want to enjoy fps games, you will no doubt go for the one that uses higher fps so that both the visuals and the performance will be something you can enjoy.

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