The Key to Building and Maintaining Family Relationships

Effective interpersonal communication skills are essential in social interaction, and in building and maintaining relationships. Low communication skills can lead to permanent damage in a relationship, affecting productivity, satisfaction, achievement, passion, trust, respect, confidence and personal health. Many people have not learned the key to effective family communication with respect and putting others first, and make the quality of relationships go haywire.

Relationships have a huge impact in every aspect of life. Communication is at the core of deep and meaningful relationships. Even when there is great love in a relationship, communication can be blocked, feelings cannot be put in words, or also do not listen when others speak. We may allow the occurrence of silence by distancing ourselves from the relationship, or making a permanent distance by mutually attacking each other. Good communication skills will help us to bridge this difference.

Interpersonal communication skills make everyone personable when talking, overcoming shyness, negotiating and clearing conflict, and influencing (but not manipulating) other people’s decisions and actions. Poor communication is usually the root of conflict and misunderstanding, and can be avoided or minimized by clearly stating our will, as well as understanding the will of others. Differences can be solved through soft, honest, straightforward talk rather than abusive, hostile or disturbing speech exchange. Conflict cannot be eliminated entirely, but when it does occur, constructive communication is needed to settle the settlement.

The most important thing in maintaining a successful relationship, both personally and professionally is by using empathetic communication. Respect is gained by maintaining a commitment to carry out promises, how we treat others, and how we respond to challenges. But the greatest is if you want to be respected, you need to respect others. Do to others what you want them to do to you will not be wrong. Everyone has the right to be treated with respect, courtesy and dignity.

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