Top Android Games You Can Enjoy Every Time

Mobile Games on Android are improving at a much faster pace than any other technology today. Games on Android seem to become great success every year with some amazing releases by many renowned game developers. With the release of the Android Nougat and the Vulkan API, it is becoming a better option for mobile gamers with the passage of time. It seems that after a certain amount of time users are going to experience some more impressive titles than the ones that are there on Google Play today. All you need to have is a smartphone or any other handheld device and an internet service.

If you are looking for some new games available on Google Play, we can help you get acquainted with a few new games available for Android users. PUBG has to be one of the toppers of the list as it is one of the best games (also one of my favorites) that you should have a look at. For the best gaming experience you can use TDS Internet that is very reliable and affordable. For this, you can rely on TDS Internet speed and their quality customer service that you might not find anywhere else. Here are a few games that you should play using your Android phone:

PUBG Mobile

This is one of the most fascinating games for Android users who have been playing the game for around 4 years now. It is one of the most downloaded games and changed quite drastically. It provides users with one of the most outrageous games where you battle against 100 players and use your super sneaky killer instincts to make your way to the top and get the Chicken Dinner. Compete with players in different terrains that range from deserts, swamps and even tundra and snow-filled areas as well. The best part is there is no limit to the number of weapons that you can use and the vehicles in different game modes.

Google Play Rating: 4.2

Brawl Stars

This a fast-paced 3-on-3 multiplayer game that you can play on your phone either alone or with your friends. You can upgrade and unlock a variety of Brawlers who have some special abilities. You can unlock and upgrade many Brawlers who have star powers and gadgets. You can collect a unique set of skins to make your character appear to be more unique and brag around among your friends and other users. The game also has some unique game modes including Gem Grab (3v3), Showdown (Solo/Duo Mode), Brawl Ball (3v3 Mode), Bounty (3v3 Mode), Heist (3v3 Mode) along with different special events and championship challenges to play around with.

Google Play Rating: 3.8

Arena of Valor

This is one of the engaging games that provides you with a real-time 5v5 MOBA gaming experience. Using the game you can join your friends and create a guild. You can master more than 100 unique heroes from internationally recognized franchises. Gamers can join 5v5 Fest with their friends, team up and fight in different battles and get rewards using the Lucky Box and do a lot more.

Google Play Rating: 4.2

Castlevania: Symphony of The Night

This is one of the iconic games from the all-time favorite animated series and game. The game has come to life on your phone. You can play the game to make your way throughout Dracula’s castle as Alucard. You will have to battle different enemies and characters as you rediscover the world of Castlevania. The is compatible with different game controllers and is packed with some new and unique features. You can also unlock different features and achievements. The game is available in different languages including English, French, Italian and others.

Google Play Rating: N/A

Final Fantasy VII

This is one of the best Fantasy and RPG games that you can play using your virtual or fixed control pad options. The opacity of on-screen controls that you can adjust from the Config Menu. You can use the two new features that enhance your gameplay and make it easier to play them in a more convenient environment.

Google Play Rating: N/A


In the end, one can say that gaming is one of the most amazing hobbies and activities to do. You can download these games and enjoy them with friends and family. Many of these games will also help you get over distress and stay productive too. I would recommend that you should go for Brawl Stars and PUBG if you want to enjoy an action-packed game to play.

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