World of Warships Fleet

Like other Wargaming games, World of Warships (WoWs) is dedicated to the world of military battles of the first half of the XX century. The game engine of the project inherited from the past MMO-games of the studio: the developers used the time-tested BigWorld, reworked for ship battles. By the way, it is not hard for the “tanks” fans to recognize new game at the stage of connection to the server, because the interface of WoWs is almost indistinguishable from the World of Tanks. Only instead of the hangar with fighting machines, gamers will see the port with warships. You can order World of Warships boosting services here
In World of Warships developers have introduced literally a whole fleet of different warships Japan, the USA, the USSR, Germany and Britain XX century: almost a hundred combat units, which are divided into four classes – destroyers, cruisers, aircraft carriers and battleships.

world warships

The first of these is the fastest and most maneuverable class. Fast-moving destroyers can easily dodge the enemy’s aimed fire and then suddenly retaliate with torpedo weapons. But no good can come from hitting any enemy vessel, as the warship’s mobility is impeded by its lack of armor. But destroyers can easily camouflage themselves and even an entire squadron of ships using a smokescreen.

The second class, cruisers, is considered the most versatile. By controlling such a ship, the player can not only protect the entire crew from enemy aircraft but also destroy damaged vehicles or even disable unarmored destroyers due to their high accuracy. Besides, the maneuverability of cruisers is enough to evade the fire of enemy warships.

The battleship class is capable of destroying almost any enemy, even the most armored. Its firepower can inflict decisive damage even at quite a long distance from the target. Most importantly, the armor of the battleship itself is incredibly difficult to penetrate. Unfortunately, this has a negative effect on the warship’s speed.

The final class, aircraft carriers, is capable of scouting enemy targets and striking them with bombers and torpedo carriers. Aircraft can strike anywhere on the map, but the ships have rather thin armor, which, combined with their low maneuverability, makes them a rather vulnerable target for enemies.